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Kim Anderson


Kim Anderson

Kim is a licensed Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. This means she has advanced education and has passed a certification test in this specialty. Kim has twenty plus years of experience taking care of all ages in many different fields. She is also board certified as a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and Nurse Midwife. Kim has worked in hospitals, community health centers and private practice offices. As a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, she is trained to provide psychiatric medication and therapy to people of all ages.

Kim specializes in Prenatal and Postpartum Care, Infertility and Pregnancy Loss, Coping Skills including Stress and Grief, Parenting, Teen and Family Conflict, Weight Concerns and Eating Disorders and Childhood Behavior. She utilizes a holistic approach for medication treatment plans while incorporating traditional and non-traditional approaches.

Kristi Bose


Kristi Bose

Kristi is one of the founding partners of Verve Collaborative Health. She is experienced in many areas, including depression, anxiety, mood disorders, ADHD, and peripartum concerns.

Kristi’s passion is functional medicine/psychiatry and strives to provide care to the entire person, collaborating with a variety of providers to offer the best service and to help you find the best version of yourself.

Cari Ott


Cari Ott

“You are a human being; you are not a diagnosis” Cari believes that each person deserves to find a provider who will truly listen to their story in order to achieve the best treatment and recovery possible. If you are looking for a holistic provider who will listen to your story and consider your entire symptom profile, Cari may be the perfect fit for you. Together, we can develop a treatment plan to improve your mental health and wellness.

Lying in the Grass


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