Our goal is to create a collaborative of passionate healthcare professionals with the intent to create a healing culture through integrity, respect, and transparency.
We are here for you.
Therapy by professionals who truly care about you and your journey.


Our Founders


Kristi Bose

Kristi has been in healthcare since high school.  She has been a CNA and worked up from there. Kristi has also worked in a variety of settings, including nursing homes, hospitals, and private practice. So can use those experiences to guide the direction of Verve and to correct the mistakes observed in past organizations. 


Kristi also has the valuable perspective of being both an owner and a clinician so is able to advocate for other clinicians as well as make business decisions that are mutually beneficial.


Aaron Bose

Aaron has been in the IT world since 2006 but has been into the tech his whole life.  He strives to incorporate the IT culture into the Verve culture. While he hasn't been able to find room for a ping pong table and no one has time for video games, he's still trying.


Aaron has a bachelors in CIS Business and Networking with a Master's in CIS Cybersecurity from Bellevue University.   This makes him an asset to manage finances and incorporate technology to improve delivery of care, improve communications, and increase efficiency. He also provides IT support when things go wrong, like a Pandemic. With his expertise, Verve was able to immediately pivot to Telehealth at a moment's notice for everyone.


Julie Zulkosky

Julie has a wealth of experiences and makes friends in all walks of life. Add in her easy going personality and her can do attitude and she evens out the mix. 


Julie has a smattering of degrees including a bachelors in Business, Masters in Education, and a Doctorate in Nursing Practice. She shares both her wisdom and bad jokes with Verve.

Lying in the Grass


/vərv​/​  noun  1.  vigor and spirit or enthusiasm.


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