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How We Can Help You

We are here for you.
Holistic offerings by professionals who truly care about you and your journey.
Massage Therapy

Integrating the skills and knowledge of different massage modalities to optimize the overall effects of the massage. Blending elements of therapy helps clients relax & healing can begin, reconnecting body, mind and spirit.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is also a holistic modality that utilizes relaxation. There are many techniques available to induce the level of relaxation needed for a given individual.


Hypnotherapy is a holistic modality that utilizes relaxation to allow the subconscious to be a part of the decision process for overcoming life challenges.

Health Coaching

Health Coaching promotes positive behavior change and overall health improvement. The Health Coach guides their clients to be empowered to transform their lifestyle with lasting positive behavior change. Overall wellness means that one is thriving in all aspects of their life.


At Verve Collaborative, no matter who you are or your current emotional state, you can benefit from therapy. You can benefit from addressing your life’s challenges in an environment that is both professionally-informed and judgement-free.

Medication Management

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) helps ensure patients achieve the best possible outcomes from their medications. The patient-centered MTM program promotes collaboration between the provider, pharmacist, patient and prescriber to optimize safe and effective medication use.

Virtual Reality

Not just for video games anymore, VR technology is taking over the way we can help patients overcome some of their greatest obstacles. Don’t take our word for it, come experience it for yourself!


Immerse yourself in our safe & private treatment room. We only use the most effective, safe, and cutting edge medications available.