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Kathleen Gauthier


Kathleen Gauthier

Our deepest longing is to be known, explored, discovered, and touched. But often we live alone and thirsty in the wilderness. Relationships with families, friends, co-workers, and/or our church community may be filled with trauma, anxiety, betrayal, pain, or ongoing stress. We may be in a state of brokenness, completely shut down, stuck in anger and/or grief or stuck in a meaningless life. Strategies that had once managed life may be working against the relief hoped for. Efforts to protect ourselves keep relationships from being authentic and close. As a result, there is a deep thirst in our soul that nothing seems to satisfy.

If you are ready to examine your true story, please call Kathleen Gauthier who offers a Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling from Colorado Christian University and Master of Arts from Crown College, specializing in counseling with an internship in grief counseling.

Kathleen has experience in counseling plus varied life experiences including youth ministry and Christian education, with an interest in bringing God’s perspective to life’s difficult events and passages. Kathleen will walk with you as you navigate the journey in this wilderness and help point the way forward to wholeness.





Spiritual Abuse


Geriatric 65+

Postpartum Disorders



Religion/Faith Based

Insurances Accepted

Coverage varies by plan. Check your benefits from your specific plan.

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Medicaid Healthy Blue

Medicaid Total Care

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