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SPRAVATO  ​ Treatment Center in Omaha, Nebraska


SPRAVATO® is the first prescription nasal spray, taken with an oral antidepressant, for:

  • Adults with treatment-resistant depression

    in the SPRAVATO® clinical trials, treatment-resistant depression was diagnosed in adults who were struggling with major depressive disorder and had not responded adequately to at least two different antidepressants of adequate dose and duration in the current episode.

  • Depressive symptoms in adults with major depressive disorder with suicidal thoughts or actions


What is SPRAVATO  ?


SPRAVATO® is an FDA-approved medication that is made from ketamine. Ketamine is a drug that has been found to be an extremely effective treatment for severe depression. Unlike other antidepressants, SPRAVATO® does not affect the serotonin levels in your brain. Instead, it helps to regulate your brain’s neuron activity in order to stimulate certain areas. This increased brain activity is thought to help reactivate the areas of the brain that have been affected by depression. This can help reduce or eliminate symptoms of depression.

While SPRAVATO® treatment centers may be one of the newest options in addiction treatment, many studies have shown that ketamine is effective in reducing depression symptoms, including thoughts of self-harm. Perhaps one of the most appealing reasons to try SPRAVATO® is that, unlike traditional antidepressants that can take weeks or months to show results, ketamine can reduce your symptoms in as little as 24 hours after treatment begins.

What to expect from a SPRAVATO  Treatment Center


If you and your provider have decided that SPRAVATO® is the best way to treat your TRD, you will schedule a follow-up appointment to take the medication at your SSPRAVATO® treatment center. This is because SPRAVATO® is not a daily pill like traditional antidepressants. Instead, it is a nasal spray for depression that must be prescribed and taken by the client at an approved SPRAVATO® treatment center. Clients will administer the nasal spray themselves. In addition, they will be monitored by the medical staff for one to two hours. If you experience any rare but serious side effects, you will receive immediate medical care.

Most clients will benefit the most from having twice-weekly doses of SPRAVATO® for the first month of their treatment schedule. Following this period, you will be reduced to just one dose per week. This most often continues for at least another two months. Most clients find that a total of three months of treatment is enough to give them relief from their symptoms. Others may need to continue treatment for longer in order to find the level of relief necessary for them.


Is SPRAVATO   Treatment

covered by insurance?

Much like any newer medication, SPRAVATO® may not be covered by all insurance companies. This is in part because SPRAVATO® is more expensive than other depression treatments. It has to be administered in an environment where you can be supervised by a medical professional for potential side effects. Most major insurance companies will cover at least part of your SPRAVATO® treatment plan. However, they will typically require paperwork to prove it is a necessary treatment option due to TRD. No matter what plan you have, we will work with your insurance company to verify if you have coverage for our SPRAVATO® treatment center here in Verve Collaborative Health in Omaha. If not, we will provide you with payment options for your TRD treatment.

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