Janelle Spoto


Janelle Spoto

Janelle grew up in a small Nebraska town. She graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. She worked as a programmer for about 10 years. 

During this time, she got married and had 4 kids. Trying to juggle a stressful full-time job with 4 kids was, well, too stressful, so she decided to stay home and run a daycare! Running a daycare while raising 4 kids worked out well. Though kids do tend to grow up and time came to start working outside the home again.

Getting back into programming unfortunately did not work at that time, as most were being laid off. She found a few technical jobs here and there but with the economy and such, she was laid off a couple of times. In June of 2011 she "fell" into an Office Manager position at Shelton Chiropractic and stayed with him until he retired in February 2020 (best timing ever, he just missed the Covid-19 mess).

She enjoyed the holistic healing approach immensely and decided to make a business out of it in June of 2016! She added to her knowledge by getting her certification in Hypnotherapy and learned multiple Energy Healing techniques, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Color Therapy, Brain Gym and Access Bars. 

She also added in a certification in Health Coaching. She firmly believes nutrition can be used to heal the body. Food is how our body replenishes its energy. So, it only makes sense that it can be utilized as a healing tool. She even took a class on the science behind energy healing! She loves learning and will continue to add to her modalities. She combines those modalities into a holistic healing approach of serving people and the community.

She even combined her love of Crystals with her enjoyment of making items which was incorporated into her business. She frequents local craft shows and health expos with her metaphysical products and services, which are offered on her website, wisehealingsbydesign.com.

She’s excited about joining Verve Collaborative Health, knowing that she’ll be privileged to open the world of holistic energy modalities to a wider local audience.




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