Energy Healing
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Energy Healing is also a holistic modality that utilizes relaxation. There are many techniques available to induce the level of relaxation needed for a given individual.


Relaxation promotes a positive peaceful calm, the more relaxed one is the more the body can focus on healing those areas that need it. Energy is what the body utilizes to heal. It flows in the blood, is present in the breath and is affected by the mind’s thoughts. It can touch every nook and cranny the body possesses! 

The more positive the energy is the more it can heal. The energy healing practitioner uses their energy, their words and their tools to promote additional positive healing energy to go to those areas that need it the most. A lot of energy healing practitioners have the ability to feel, see or sense energy which gives them valuable information about their clients which they pass on and use to further the energetic assistance for their clients.


Janelle Spoto


Hypnotherapist / Wellness

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